Gaming, NFTs and Ultra — A formula for explosive growth

Screenshot of Ultra Games (beta version running on testnet) — the app list can be seen on the left hand side
  1. In-game items: Devs, when publishing their games on Ultra — will be able to create in-game items as NFTs. This is huge. Imagine playing a dungeon crawler or MMORPG and that ‘rare’ or ‘unique’ axe you find is ACTUALLY only one of 5 ever crafted. You then own it, use it, stash it away as a collectors item, or sell it on Ultra’s NFT marketplace.
Game developers have brilliant imaginations — the possibilities for in-game items as NFTs are boundless
Game devs can utilise NFTs to help promote their games
A glimpse into just some of the options devs will have behind the scenes when publishing on Ultra
Users control their NFTs in their own wallet with no need to trust a 3rd party when selling



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Ultra Community

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