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Welcome! The purpose of this article is to provide a One-Stop-Shop for all things Ultra - the next generation blockchain based PC game distribution platform.

The information is arranged to provide quick, basic information first — followed by more detailed information.

If you’re new to Ultra, simply start at the top and work your way down, or use the quick links below to skip to whichever section interests you.

This is a live document and will be frequently updated as updates come in. The majority of information contained in here is from official team communications, and any community content has been vetted and is well sourced.

If you like, come join the conversation in Ultra’s official Telegram group, and check out their Twitter, Medium, and Website.

Quick links:

  1. Video tour of the Ultra Platform (Beta)
  2. What’s the latest?
  3. Quick reads to get you started.
  4. Visual introduction of the platform
  5. The UOS Token- Supply, Allocations, use cases
  6. The Ultra Blockchain
  7. The Ultra Games Platform
  8. Ultra’s big partnerships
  9. In-depth content and community reviews
  10. Video content
  11. Other Announcements
  12. Community Updates

1) Video tour of the Ultra Platform (Beta)

Ultra recently released the platform to the very first public users, known as wave 1 of the public release schedule. As a wave 1 tester I produced the following video tour of the current build of the Ultra platform. I highly recommend watching it as it gives the best view of where the project currently stands.

2) What’s the latest?

The Ultra Mainnet is finally live! What makes the Ultra blockchain special? This article provides an excellent summary of what the team has been building for the last 3 years.

The first Mainnet announcement. This article covers the what to expect in the weeks following the mainnet launch.

Check out this amazing article written by us here at the Ultra Community channel. It dives in to the UOS token, it’s many use cases, and even some price predictions! Once again this is a community article, and not official Ultra content.

3) Quick reads to get you started.

New to Ultra? These articles are relatively short and will provide a good introduction. In them you will find the answers to essential questions such as - What is Ultra? What are the existing problems in the video game industry that Ultra is trying to address? Why Ultra? Who is behind Ultra? Etc.

If you prefer to listen and/or watch content instead, you can skip to the video content section for some video interviews and AMAs etc.

4) A visual introduction to the Ultra Platform

This is also a great place to start. A picture tells a thousand words, a video tells even more — particularly as some of the technical aspects behind this behemoth can be a little overwhelming.

These videos demonstrate some of the core functions of the platform, as well as providing a sense for its look and feel. I highly recommend checking out these short videos before moving on.

5) The UOS Token

The UOS Token is a utility token and will be the lifeblood of the Ultra games platform and blockchain. Currently an ERC-20 token, it will undergo a swap to the native token once the mainnet goes live in the coming months.

Below are a couple of articles relevant to the UOS token, including information related to token supply and allocations as well as use cases.

Where to buy UOS? It is currently tradeable on the following exchanges:

6) The Ultra Blockchain

Below are three articles related to the Ultra Blockchain — which is a heavily modified version of the EOSIO codebase.

Here you can learn about what makes the Ultra blockchain unique, what problems it has solved, and why it could be uniquely positioned to be the first blockchain to achieve millions of mainstream (non-crypto) users.

Keep in mind that Ultra is still in its test-net phase, and plans to move to mainnet by the end of 2020.

7) The Ultra Games Platform

Below are all the official articles related to Ultra Games, the first mass-market application to be built on the Ultra blockchain.

8) Ultra’s Big Partnerships

If you’ve spent any time at all looking in to Ultra, chances are you will have heard about their partnerships with industry giants, Ubisoft and AMD. Below you can read the press releases of those partnership announcements.

Since these announcements, some additional details have been made public relating to the nature and depth of these partnerships - all of which i covered in Part 1 of my previous review of Ultra. You can read all those details here.

Ultra has also teased a partnership with a gaming giant in China, reported to have a monthly active user base of 75 million PC gamers. That’s right, 75 million. The name of this partner is yet to be disclosed, but again, you can read everything that’s been shared by the team related to this partnership here, under the ‘China and Operators’ section.

Ultra has also partnered with Atari, to add Games, Communities, and Services to the Atari VCS Home Entertainment System, which is launching towards the end of 2020.

Ultra’s other important partnerships are listed below in the ‘Other announcements’ section.

9) In-depth content and Community Reviews

In this section you will find various reviews and articles by community members and other blockchain enthusiasts. To be clear, the articles below are not official content, though are still accurate.

Earlier this year I wrote a 4-part article detailing the reasons why I believe Ultra is set to disrupt the gaming sector. These are not short reads, however they contain an abundance of information, including direct quotes from the team over the past year or so (otherwise only available if you want to spend hours searching the TG channel!). There is a link to each of the 4 sections below.

10) Video content

If you want to truly understand the exciting proposition of the Ultra platform as well as the philosophies behind it, there’s no better way to learn than from the mouths of the Co-CEO’s themselves.

David an Nicolas in the latest and possibly greatest video update with MDX Crypto:

David and Nicolas return for another video update with MDX Crypto:

Ultra’s David Hanson and Rami James on Everything EOS:

Blockchain Brad’s excellent interview with Ultra’s Co-CEO’s Nicolas Gilot and David Hanson.

Ultra fan Max Dapp’s interview with Ultra’s Co-CEO’s

OhHeyMatty’s AMA with Ultra’s Co-CEOs.

Nicolas Gilot talks blockchain in gaming at Korean Blockchain Week 2019.

11) Other announcements

In this section you will find all other announcements made by the team, such as partnerships or important milestones.

12) Community updates

All the community updates released by the team over the past couple of years.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about Ultra, feel free to ask away in Ultra’s official telegram group.



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